Lillan Baruch (CPCC) is a certified co-active trained coach, mentor and career coach. With 40plus years of experience in business and 30 years in management, Lillan has supported global teams in technology, led international advertising/marketing agencies and founded five companies.

And yes, along the way she failed, was laid off and switched directions. The road to success is always under construction.

What she has always enjoyed most is helping people unlock their potential, support emerging leaders in their growth and challenge seniors to become even better.

With becoming a fulltime professional coach, at 63, she finally became what she has always been. A people coach. And now a fully trained Co-active coach.

En natuurlijk coach ik ook in het Nederlands 🙂


The Gift of Experience – Lillan – offers you to become the happiest version of yourself. Co-active coaching focuses on the present and the future, not the past. We believe each person already has all the answers but could use some help to find them. Support without judgement. Available when you need it. Someone that is there for you when you meet difficulty or challenges in the workspace. When you feel exhausted. Or when you’re irritated, irrational, aggravated, tired, fed up, stuck, or cannot find your way forward.

A person who has the experience and seniority to be with you and help you out of the current state and move on. To become the happiest version of jourself because you deserve that.


We start off with an introduction. This is a free (online) session in which I explain the way I coach and we both can decide if we are a good match or not. You bring your topic and your full self and we are ready to go!

I am definitely going to challenge you, make you laugh, and sometimes cry. I always keep some time available for pro-bono coaching and for those that need acute support. A tough job interview next week?
A decision you would like some support on?

Much of the effect of the coaching takes place in between sessions through homework or self-reflection or simply because the learning sinks in and generates a lasting impact.

Looking for support to become the happiest version of yourself? Let’s talk!

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